I bet I’ve picked wild mushrooms higher up a tree than you. (over 18lbs of chicken of the woods mushrooms on an old oak snag, holy shit.)

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MOTIVATIONAL TEAM AMERICA I did a big version of it


MOTIVATIONAL TEAM AMERICA I did a big version of it

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so I more or less drove for 12 hours, altogether, yesterday, for a 5 hour event. I left nyc at 10pm. I got home at 5am.

(I think I slept for an hour in a parking lot somewhere in connecticut but it basically took me 7 hours to drive what ought to be a 4 hour drive b/c exhaustion and heavy rain.)

I was SO TIRED     I got offered a space for the night but like     they all knew each other and wanted to stay later than I did and I just felt terribly awkward about it     this is one of those experiences in driving I just had to have so I can say I've DONE [dumb thing]     but not one I want to repeat     brooklynzinelaunch     inane personal post     brooklynzine     it was fun though!     being on a panel was cool    


➳ Sybil Ramkin



art by Paul Kidby

Sybil Ramkin is one of my all time favorite characters. 

“Even shorn of her layers of protective clothing, Lady Sybil Ramkin was still toweringly big. Vimes knew that the barbarian hublander folk had legends about great chain-mailed, armor-bra’d, carthorse-riding maidens who swooped down on battlefields and carried off dead warriors on their cropper to a glorious roistering afterlife, while singing in a pleasing mezzo-soprano. Lady Ramkin could have been one of them. She could have led them. She could have carried off a battalion. When she spoke, every word was like a hearty slap on the back and clanged with the aristocratic self-assurance of the totally well-bred. The vowel sounds alone would have cut teak… . .

Prehistoric men would have worshipped her, and in fact had amazingly managed to carve lifelike statues of her thousands of years ago. She had a mass of chestnut hair; a wig, Vimes learned later. No one who had much to do with dragons kept their own hair for long. .”
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

“You know what?’ said Vimes aloud. ‘This is going to be the world’s first democratically killed dragon. One man, one stab.’
‘Then you’ve got to stop them. You can’t let them kill it!’ said Lady Ramkin.
Vimes blinked at her.
‘Pardon?’ he said.
‘It’s wounded!’
‘Lady, that was the intention, wasn’t it? Anyway, it’s only stunned,’ said Vimes.
‘I mean you can’t let them kill it like this,’ said Lady Ramkin insistently. ‘Poor thing!’
What do you want to do, then?’ demanded Vimes, his temper unravelling. ‘Give it a strengthening dose of tar oil and a nice comfy basket in front of the stove?’
‘It’s butchery!’
‘Suits me fine!’
‘But it’s a dragon! It’s just doing what a dragon does! It never would have come here if people had left it alone!’
Vimes thought: it was about to eat her, and she can still think like this. He hesitated. Perhaps that did give you the right to an opinion…”
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

“Among the other unwanted baggage that had been heaped on the young Sybil to hamper her progress through life was the injunction to be pleasant to people and say helpful things. People took this to mean that she didn’t think.
She’d hated the way Serafine had talked about dwarfs. She’d called them ’sub-human’. Well, obviously most of them lived underground, but Sybil rather liked dwarfs. And Serafine spoke of trolls as if they were things. Sybil hadn’t met many trolls, but the ones she knew seemed to spend their lives raising their children and looking for the next dollar just like everyone else.
Worst of all, Serafine simply assumed that Sybil would naturally agree with her stupid opinions because she was a Lady. Sybil Ramkin had not had an education in these things, moral philosophy not having featured much in a curriculum that was heavy on flower-arranging, but she had a shrewd idea that in any possible debate the right side was where Serafine wasn’t.”

—  Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

"Sir Reynold," she said, with a side order of ice, "in the Year of the Lice my great-grandmother once cooked, personally, a full dinner for eighteen in a military redoubt that was entirely surrounded by bloodthirsty Klatchians, and she felt able to include sorbet and nuts. My grandmother, in the Year of the Quiet Monkey, defended our embassy in Pseudopolis against a mob, with no assistance but that offered by a gardener, a trained parrot and a pan of hot chip fat. My late aunt, when our coach was once held up at bow-point by two desperate highwaymen, gave them such a talking to that they actually ran away crying for their mothers, Sir Reynold, their mothers. We are no strangers to danger, Sir Reynold. May I also remind you that quite probably half the dwarfs who fought at Koom Valley were ladies? No one told them to stay at home!"

Terry Pratchett, Thud!

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brooklyn zine launch - class picture


brooklyn zine launch - class picture

gpoy     meetup     I'm second from right on the second row up     right above the howard stark cosplay     we're hella cute     brooklynzine     brooklynzine launch    




Tag all your photos and live-blogging/tweeting #BrooklynZineLaunch so anyone who can’t make it can follow along at home!!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

here we go!     I'm leaving now actually     for the 4 hour drive     and an hour margin left in case of traffic     thank god for audiobooks     and we're off     brooklynzine     brooklynzinelaunch    



the older i get, the more i relate to Giles

I always related to giles     but then I always relate to the librarian/teacher/bookish mentor types     especially if they are adorable sarcastic assholes     btvs     whedonverse     giles     gif    



Week 10 of Text Talk!

Sheba the Second, Parent-Teacher Interviews, The Actual Day, and a Final.

This will probably be the last chapter for a few months, guys! I’m going on hiatus to focus on studying for my final exams in November. Yes, I realised that’s two entire months away, but I’m also moving house right in the freaking middle of my exams and I have a natural nervous disposition. Better safe than unemployed and not accepted into any universities, right?

Real nervous about this one, guys. I hope you like it!!

eeeee new chapter!     ...and good luck on your exams/uni apps!     the whole process gets built up as this huge scary thing     but it almost always turns out just fine     fic rec     wolfstar     I have half an hour before I have to drive to New York so this is good timing    

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buttersmd replied to your post:ugh that’s it I am driving home tomorrow night at…

Do you have friends/Tumblr relations in NY who would let you couch surf?

the only irl friend who lives in brooklyn is upstate this weekend, and idk about tumblr.

replies     buttersmd     it's hard to keep track of who is where     but i'm pretty sure no one I talk to really regularly     ...although really I have no idea     dear tumblr friends     if you are in nyc     help?