preach it, Jan

(Avengers #221, 1963)


Age of Ultron stills (X)

they’re doing the ~summer swarm~ freshman month-long orientation shebang at the moment, and some of the events/classes/etc are in the art history dept. building, where I have my class

I did NOT want to finish the last 5 weeks of my final year of undergrad by wading through not-even-freshmen-yet bright-eyed kiddies, and yet. 



Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)


“Vampires’re so easy to kill, they point out. There are dozens of ways to despatch them, quite apart from the stake through the heart, which also works on normal people so if you have any stakes left over you don’t have to waste them.”

Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum (via myfantasyquotes)


star trek captain shaming.


none evans with left boob


*prints out a million pictures of RDJ’s head*

*puts them in a folder marked “new haircut ideas”*



Nazism apologism and you: Grant Ward







Things that make you a nazi:

  • Agreeing with nazi ideologies
  • Being a member of a nazi group

Things that do not make you a nazi:

  • Being Grant Ward

Things Grant Ward has done:

  • been a member of a nazi group since he was a teenager

Things Hydra is not:

  • A nazi group

Things Grant Ward never did:

  • Join Hydra because he agreed with any of their actual ideologies

Reasons Hydra is totally a Nazi group:

  • Their origin story in the MCU is literally being the science and advanced research department of the Third Reich, aka the Nazi government, before Red Skull (loyal member of Hitler’s inner circle) got his face melted and not longer fit the physical ideals the Nazis based their eugenics off of, so he was carted off to run the science division until he became to resentful and decided he’d take over the world on his own
  • They were part of Nazi Germany in the comics too, btw
  • Red Skull—the leader of Hydra in Cap 1—is clearly portrayed as a Nazi officer
  • Armin Zola is mentioned clearly in both Cap movies to be a Nazi scientist
  • Their goal is in fact world domination, and for them, step 1 to achieving that goal was the murder of millions of people
  • They were going to gun down anyone who they profiled or designated as posing a threat to them
  • All that focus on creating superhumans in Agents of SHIELD remind you of anything?
  • "Hail Hydra" is purposefully and transparently based on "Hail Hitler"
  • The Hydra salute is purposefully and transparently based on the Nazi salute
  • Your second point kind of admits you think Hydra’s ideologies make them a Nazi group if you have to specify Grant Ward doesn’t agree with them to make your argument that he’s not a Nazi
  • There’s probably plenty more reasons

Reasons it doesn’t matter if Grant Ward agreed with Hydra’s ideologies:

  • He knew what their ideologies were and joined anyway
  • He personally murder (at least) dozens of people in service of Hydra
  • He helped Hydra take over SHIELD, knowing full well that Hydra planned to kill millions of people around the world in just one day, and more later, to ensure their dominance
  • Sorry but no personal loyalty or traumatic backstory undoes the fact that he was loyally willing to help his organization murder millions of people
  • I’m still gonna say being a member of a Nazi group makes you a Nazi

fucking thank you - and while we’re at it, can people still stop saying “hail hydra” like some kind of joke?

Also important to note that Ward only started feeling dubious about his choices because it meant that Skye wasn’t into him anymore. Not because he thought Hydra/Garrett’s actions were morally reprehensible.

And yeah, Hydra’s a bunch of Nazis. Schmidt broke away from the Third Reich because he felt that Hitler wasn’t effective enough at genocide and world domination. Hydra became its own organization because Nazis weren’t Nazi enough for them.

This post is really long but it’s really good and needs to be out there. I’m sick of the ward fans trying to hold on to the idea that “hydra isn’t a nazi organization” because it very much is. 

There’s an idea that seeing evil done and doing nothing to stop it is still evil and I have to agree with that, morally. Grant Ward didn’t want to murder millions, that’s true. But he aided an organization that did. 

I cannot believe people are still- STILL- making excuses for him. I thought this shit was nipped in the bud, really I did. I mean I think I made a post about this in APRIL, ffs, and it all seemed to quiet down after the end of the season, but if we need a recap, I think Skye said it pretty succinctly (and even cited her sources):